Disaster Boards Ordered

The board layout was checked, and I verified all the footprints last week.  Should have taken more time to review it, but I thought that I would just roll the dice and assume that any mistakes could be corrected.

I ended up sending the board layout to iteadstudio.com.  I ordered a set of boards from them for work ($48 for 10 cm x 15 cm, then $30 for fast DHL shipping for a set of 5 boards).  The work boards just came in today and they look great.  Got the first one up and running.  The total time from order to boards in my hand was 13 days.  Incredible.

With the Disaster boards, I had some more issues.  Basically the layout consists of four solenoid controllers (each can drive eight solenoids), five inputs controllers (each can handle sixteen inputs), nine LED controllers (each can drive eight LEDs), a main controller, an RS232 interface, a power input controller, and four individual LEDs with mounts.  It is all slammed together on a 15 cm x 30 cm sheet.  I put silkscreen lines between each controller, and I got caught for panelizing boards.  Now I understand that they don’t want to collect divergent designs and put them onto a single panel, but this is one design in my mind.  It was my bad for adding silkscreen to the bottom of the board to indicate this, but live and learn.  (Oh yeah, I also separated each controller into a separate ground pour.  That probably made it look like multiple boards.)

When I tried to correct this two nights ago by sending new Gerbers, I ended up sending the same original Gerbers as before.  I tried to correct it last night, but the factory had already started the boards, so I guess that they accepted the design.  I should find out tomorrow morning if the design is in process.  Cost for 5 sets of the 15 x 30 panels is $110 + $9 to ship to the US.  That is just crazy low prices.  If this works out, I will be singing the praises of ITEAD Studio.  This means the non-populated board cost for a pinball machine is $24 in quantity 5.  That gives me $76 for parts to hit my target.  Seems possible.

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