Pinball Night 5/24/2012

Well tonight is pinball night.  Flash is waiting for a new processor to show up, so we won’t be doing much work on that.  Firepower II has an issue with the registering of the orbit shot, so that will be the top priority.  We also got a new flipper coil at the Allentown show so we can see if that makes any difference in the right flipper.  There are a couple other small issues with Firepower, so since we will have it opened up, we can try to fix all of those irritating things.  Gulf Stream is basically ready to be put back together after getting a clear coat.  Mark has probably done more on that machine than I have at this point.  It is almost a year since we started restoring that guy.

Sold a weight set out of the basement so now I can move some stuff into it’s place.  That should get the shuffle bowler out of the shed so that I can start restoring it.  It means that I can also take home Olympic Hockey from work.  It is currently just sitting there and nobody is using it.

Just received a note back that the Disaster boards were sent from China.  It should be another two or three weeks until they get here, but that isn’t the tall straw at this point.  I have a lot of work to get a version of code ready to run on the main controller.  I also need to place an order to get the parts to populate the boards.

Today at work we will try to populate a surface mount board.  Mark’s bringing in a hot plate, so we can see what how populating an SOIC28 goes.  It seems pretty relatively straight forward.

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