Disaster boards received

The boards for Disaster were received yesterday (5/30/2012).  The gerbers were sent to the factory on 5/14/2012, so that is about a two week turn even using the slow boat from China.  (The original submission was on 5/10/2012, but the boards were rejected because it looked like multiple designs.  The back and forth took about a week until the approved the designs.  I need to remove the silkscreen on the back of the boards so it doesn’t look like individual boards.  The ground plane pours make it easy to figure out where to cut the boards.)

Two or three week turn is incredible for the price I paid.  Itead Studio is now my favorite cheap board house.  I look forward to using them frequently in the next couple of years.

Last week I populated a surface mount board using a hot plate and solder paste.  It went surprisingly well, and I only had two solder bridges because I had too much paste on the pads.  I’m sure that the process will go a little better the next time.  I need to remember to layout out all the components before hand because I dropped approximately 30% of the 0805 sized resistors on the floor around my desk.

As promised, I’m going to throw up the schematic for the open pinball boards.  Since I don’t know how to put up the Kicad stuff easily, I’ll just throw up the schematic itself in a PDF format.  At least other people will be able to read it.

Next up is to populate one of each of the individual boards, and then start testing them.  We are trying to embedded a motor in a board for a project at work, so the solenoid driver might be useful to drive that circuit.

1000 Schematic

One response to “Disaster boards received

  1. Hey, just got your message this morning. Yes, it sounds like we are very much on the same page. I would love to design a full pinball machine, and my crutch is I don’t know electrical (mechanical background). You sound like the complete opposite (you know electrical, but can’t design the mechanics). I just read an article posted on pinside about how gomez was quoted as saying that Stern’s pins don’t look any different than pins from 20 years ago. Also, Stern is WELL known for re-using ramps, sometimes entire pinball machines (shrek is family guy re-themed, austin powers is iron man re-themed). Also Stern refuses to let go of DMD while everyone else is jumping on the LCD bandwagon. There is a LOT of innovation going on in just the last year (popadiuk/b.heck, predator, jersey jack), and I believe it stems from people getting bored with cookie cutter Sterns.

    I still want to develop an all mechanical pinball, just because not only would it give me a better understanding of the heart of the original pinball concept, but I think modern pin features done with mechanics only would be so neat. I would eventually like to do an electrical one, but it would be much more efficient and lighter than arcade pinball (but still have the same proportions as one so it doesn’t look/feel like a crappy home edition).

    I believe I could handle basic flipper actions, pop bumpers, targets, general lighting. What I don’t think I would ever be able to do is lighting patterns and display/scoring.

    Would love to discuss this more, hit me up in email: (snip)

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