Initial cut of the board layout for Disaster

I’ve been promising an initial layout of Disaster for weeks now.  (I actually think that I promised it over a month ago, and it just hasn’t happened.)  I now have a good first cut that I finished up last night.

Here are all the disclaimers:

  1. This is only meant to figure out the layout so less time is spent modifying the white wood board.  I would like to only do a single white wood layout with minor tweaking if possible.
  2. All of the modes are not implemented at this point.  I will probably do another version that implements more of that stuff, but it would take me another week, and I would like to solicit comments back on the layout sooner rather than later.  Modes require insets to clue the player on what to do.  I could have thrown some stuff down, but it is going to require much more thought.
  3. The only mode that is actually working is the initial starting of tornado mode.  Get all the tornado targets, and then the tornado funnel drops into the center of the bumpers.   This is going to eventually start a multi-ball (F1-F5), but it hasn’t been implemented yet.
  4. Scoring/ball counting etc is completely unimplemented.
  5. There is a small empty area to the right of what is going to be the volcano.  Something needs to go there.  Please make suggestions!
  6. The right side above the flipper needs to be finished.  I’m thinking that it is going to look like the left side with a kickout hole, but that seems dull.  It seems there should be something else there and any and all suggestions would be appreciated.
  7. The bridge to the right of the volcano hasn’t been finished.   (Of course the mode that needs the bridge also hasn’t been completed, so there is no reason to implement it at this point.)
  8. The tornado is a simulation, not an actual model.  This should not affect play.

The pinball runs on Visual Pinball 9.12.  It may or may not work on previous version, but I have no idea.  I will do another update to add the modes, but certain modes may not be possible using visual pinball.

Here is the link to the Disaster.vpt.
Here the most direct link that I can find to download Visual Pinball 9.12.

Comments can be sent to a new email address that I set up: 

Note:  Email address image was created using the following this link.

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