William’s Flash Ideas

Mark has his William’s Flash up and running at this point.  This Tuesday it will probably be working 100% except for the displays, but it will be a 100% playable machine.  We will fix the displays up over the next month or two, and spend the next month cleaning the machine to make it run like new.  (One of the mylars has lifted, so that has to be removed and replaced.)

Here is my question to the pinball community.  Everytime that I see a machine with a kickout hole, I think of multiball possibilities.   Flash is no exception to this.  I have a Gulfstream/Tropic Fun which is an old EM machine that has a kickout hole which can be modified to do multiball.  (If anybody has the schematics for that modification, I would really appreciate them so that I don’t have to figure it out myself).

Looking on the different internet pinball boards for different modifications, I can’t see anybody who has modified Flash to be a multiball machine.  Looking at the amount of space available in the EPROM, it seems like it should be doable.  I’d rather not re-invent the wheel by disassembling all of the firmware, figuring it out, and finding a quick way to add the multiball.  I haven’t heard if anybody has disassembled the standard PROMs and commented them, or if it is even legal to do that.  Truth be told, it would probably be a shorter project to write the firmware from scratch unless somebody else has done most of the leg work of commenting the standard green PROMs.  Getting Flash up and running meant that I have a really good understanding of how the controller board works, and its address space.  I don’t have timings on kicking the different solenoids or writing to the displays, but I could get that with a couple quick traces of the logic analyzer.  There is plenty of space to add extra pieces to the program especially since PROMs are much larger now than they were.

So here is the question.  Has anybody modified a Flash pinball machine (or similar) to be multiball?  I’m thinking a pretty simple two ball multiball that you would activate by completing the five bank drop targets.  Drop the ball into the kickout hole, and then hit the three drop targets or “flash” to start the multiball.  If you don’t complete the whole sequence, the captured ball drains before a new ball is kicked out onto the playfield.  (No ball stealing like in Firepower II).

I’m also looking for extra info from people who have disassembled the William’s system PROMs.  I’ve disassembled it, but have not yet spent the couple of days/week necessary to really understand what is going on in the code.  Send me an email/post a comment if you have any information.   Thanks.

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