Layout completed for display project

Mark and I have been working hard on finishing up the display project layout.

The list of changes include the following:  move the silkscreen positions so populating the board is easier, finished adding the power connectors in the current version, moved all of the connectors to the back because the Williams connectors only have contacts on one side, connectors for the i2c bus were changed to right angle connectors to reduce height  (straight connectors were too close to the backglass), added extra clearance for mounting hardware, added silkscreen for connector cutouts, and added silkscreen/copper for revision of the board/assembly.

If you need to grab the newest version of the board and you already followed the directions in the last post on how to grab the board, you simply right click on the directory that you downloaded before and choose SVN Update.  That will grab the latest and the greatest.

The goal is to send this board out to be fabricated this week.  I will also try to update the parts in the board so that a BOM (bill of materials) can be generated in Kicad.  Right now, all the information is in my notebook, but hasn’t been transferred to the parts.  This will allow me to get a final cost on the board.  If you have any questions, feel free to send me an email.

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