First version of Disaster java application in repository

Got some time to work on the Java application that will control Disaster.  It will stream video, and eventually run all of the rules for the pinball machine.  Currently it is simply a framework with the windows set to the correct size for the display.  Depending on the parameters that are passed to the applet, it will come up as either full screen or slightly smaller for debugging.  A short HD video plays in the background once to make sure that video playback is working.  The serial port is being used to poll the cards to continuously read the inputs.  I will eventually create a debug frame (essentially the switch screen on newer pinball machines) where the switch states will be displayed in real time.

The video is rather large, about 22MB, so if you download the code, you will notice that it is much larger now.   Google code has a relatively slow download speed so it takes a while.

None of the packaging to make it easy to install on a windows machine or a linux machine has been done yet.  It currently only runs on windows boxes.  To run it, the VLC_PLUGIN_PATH needs to be set to the correct directory in your environment variables.  I will hopefully get a little bit more code done this week, but it might take me until next week to get more stuff done.

The pinball control state machine is the next big piece that needs to be done, and that is going to take me a couple of days or a week to code.  That will be the next big exciting step.

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