Schematics now in Google code repository

I threw the schematics/board layouts for Disaster in the repository tonight.   That includes the input board, solenoid board, LED driver board, RS232 interface board, and a little LED board.  The previous schematic was a mashup of multiple copies of each of the boards to do a whole machine in on a single board.  The Kicad projects now have the individual boards that were copied to make the mashup.  The main controller and power supply are not in the repositories because they are not tested yet.   I know of a couple issues with the main controller board, so since it might not even be part of the final Disaster machine, I have left it out.  The power supply has been left out because I’m not sure it can produce enough current.  I’m also considering a simpler buck boost design from a 12V source.  That might be a cleaner implementation.

I updated the Java project so that it is constantly reading the hardware boards and kicking out their status bits.  Java currently reads each of the boards every 15ms.  That should be plenty fast for any pinball machine because all the real-time stuff is self-contained on the individual cards.  The actually timing will probably be slowed down to every 50ms or something a little more reasonable.

I have not implemented code for the LED driver board yet because I have made the parallel port to 4 pin header.  I’m probably just going to bit bang it since I only need to update the interface about once every 100ms to get the lights to blink at the proper speed.

That’s probably it for this week.  Lot’s of progress, and I finally got around to putting stuff in the repository which should have been there for months.  How open source hardware is it if I don’t actually have the hardware in the repository?  I apologize for complaining about the Google repository.  Tonight it is running much faster than it was Tuesday night.

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