Williams Display replacement boards displaying characters

The display replacement boards are currently displaying test characters.  We used a single player board to verify the i2c communication for all the player boards.  A new version of the firmware is in the google code repository.  It is much more functional than the previous version of code.

Mark just needs to build up three more player display boards, and then testing in the Williams Flash pinball machine should be able to start.  That code is pretty simple, but I did add a software filter into the control signals, so there might be one or two more bugs there.  The current revision of the code is 00.00.03.  I will rev step the code to 01.00.00 when the integration with the physical pinball machine is done.

Since tonight is pinball night, it might be interesting to throw the single board onto the machine and see if we can get the credits/match to work for the first time.


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