Ratchet it back

Gotta get movin’.  Taxi machine is up and running.  Gulf Stream is up and running.  Those projects are right on track.

So I talked to Sarah over at Pinball Wizard arcade in Pelham, NH.  Basically I was begging for some pop bumper assemblies on the cheap.  She said, hey, I have a fully populated playfield.  I took a look at it, and immediately declined.  (This was last Sunday).  It was too expensive for what I was imagining in my mind.  Basically I just wanted two pop bumpers, and for the price I could have almost gotten them for new.  (Not saying the price was too expensive, just saying it was too much if all I was going to do was use the two pop bumpers).  I’ve been freaking lately because I have too much work to do, and getting a CNC machine up and running is going to be expensive or take a month or two to work out.

On Tuesday, I’m sitting at my desk at work and suddenly the idea comes to me.  Throw the Dolly playfield out of the cabinet and toss in the new playfield into Dolly’s cabinet.  I can then use my driver boards to drive the new playfield and I don’t have to route the playfield.  The playfield placement is already done.  Even if the original machine stinks (looks like an EM, so there will need to be some diodes added to the coils), I can still prove out the driver boards, input, and LED driving boards.  While I can’t prove out my playfield stack up idea, everything else can be achieved.

I immediately sent a note back to Sarah saying that I will take the playfield.  I will be picking it up on Sunday.  This week I bought a crimper (new work doesn’t have a crimper I can borrow), and I just need to get a bunch of crimps, some housings, etc.  Then I should be ready to roll.

One issue may be that I can only drive eight solenoids without building another driver card.  I can also only accept 16 inputs (excluding the solenoid fast inputs).  I don’t remember what was on the playfield because I immediately rejected it.  Worst case, I can either choose the solenoids to drive, or simply build a second card or two.

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