More PinballFramework Updates, 5/29/2014

So as it currently stands, the pinball framework is in good enough shape that a pinball machine could be run using it.  It has been a long journey, but I’m happy with how it currently stands.  Below lists the biggest features that were added in the last two weeks:

  • Timer thread processing so now timers can be set up
  • Sound chain processing, so now sounds can repeat after a certain delay.
  • Background music is now supported.
  • Added support for scoring using switch inputs
  • Added support for communicating with hardware cards
  • Added support for a background image

Unrelated to the PinballFramework…added generated documentation to the archive in a zip file.  Added partially completed BackpackPinball layout…but instead of finishing that, I ended up working on the python code.

Next step will be finishing the BackpackPinball layout (the ruleset is currently implemented using the framework).  The framework needs to have non-HD format sizes supported to support the monitor I bought.  Gotta get the Pi up and running which should magically run the pinball framework without changes.  (I’ll believe that when I see it, but it is why I went with Tk and pygame instead of java.)

All in all, a good couple of weeks.  More coding than I was expecting.  I bought another playfield and that is going to take the place of the Camelot playfield.  Hated to put a ton of time into it, and find out that Camelot stinks.  The Camelot playfield parts are going to be used in the backpack pinball machine.  I also bought a used cabinet so I won’t have to use 2x4s to support a naked playfield on a table.  That will probably be the next big thing that I work on.  More on that in a couple of weeks.

Goonie pinball dude, send me a note some time if you read this.  I couldn’t find a link on your site for your email address, and I wanted to talk.  My email is on this site, so send me a note.  Thanks.

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