8/12/2014, Promised video of first flips

Not much to add from yesterday, but did a short video last night with the driver boards kicking all the solenoids.  Link is at:  http://youtu.be/x1HKE0BczPA.

Well, at least Joe will watch it.  (Enjoy Joe!  Hopefully your layout is coming along.)

4 responses to “8/12/2014, Promised video of first flips

  1. This is looking good. I have decided to re-theme a game, and it looks like this will be a tremendous resource. I found your google repository, but don’t see it linked on your main page. I will undoubtedly have a million questions, but will give the repository (and this blog) a good going over first. Thanks! Zach

  2. Working great! Flippers are very powerful. Where do you order your PCBs from?

    • Strangely enough, the flippers are running at 24V. I’m eventually hoping to write a blog entry with some of the specs (current, resistance, oscilloscope traces, etc.) when I get around to it. I don’t have a good way to measure what the angle is on the playfield, but I’m pretty sure I’m well above 7.5 degrees. Found out there is some gorilla glue on the playfield that was put there to fix lifted mylars. (Just in case people are interested, gorilla glue is not recommended on playfields.) Who knows what solvent I’m going to need to try and get that off without destroying the wood.

      The PCBs were from ITeadStudio. If you are interested, I bought five complete sheets (sheet is more than enough to build a full pinball machine including solenoid drivers, input boards, etc), and will probably really only use 2-3 of them. Send me an email offline (email address is at the bottom of the Home tab) and we can talk. Otherwise the extra stuff I have will eventually just be tossed. (I have a next generation thought out, but I’m trying to stay somewhat focused.)

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