11/30/2014, Playfield Locations Completed

Stitching the scans together is completed.  I was originally going to stitch everything by hand which is a pain, but at Joe’s suggestion, I ended up using the Microsoft ICE program.  First the rows of the playfield are stitched together.  Then all the the rows are stitched together to form the whole playfield.  Make sure that the camera motion is set to Planar Motion 1.  If ICE is allowed to automatically select the camera motion, it seems to default to Rotating motion where it warps the center of the image.  You can still see issues in the image, but it seems pretty good.  Here’s a quick low-res picture of the stitched together playfield:


The real image is around 250 MPixels.  I then took this image, and imported it into GIMP.  I started by reducing the scan from 600 DPI to 150 DPI.  600 DPI might be necessary for reproducing the artwork, but as mention before, I’m going to replace all the artwork.  150 DPI is sufficient to locate all of the features.

In GIMP, first create another layer the same size as the playfield artwork.  Then I started overlaying circles and rectangles.  With the new layer selected, use Tools->Selection Tools->Ellipse Select or Rectangle Select.  Create a rectangle or circle that matches the size of the feature.  I created a rectangle or circle covering the pop bumpers, inserts, holes for post screws, holes for GI light bulbs, slits for inlane, etc.  After creating a circle or rectangle, choose Select->Border and make a one pixel wide border.  Next fill the border with black by choosing Edit->Fill with FG color.  Finally fill it in with a hash pattern using Tools->Paint Tools->Bucket Fill inside of the outline.  After a few short hours, I had the following picture:


Here are a few quick pictures with the plastics still on it.  I grabbed these right before the teardown of the playfield.  I will eventually scan the plastics to get their sizes for making new ones with new art.


Notice my swank flipper buttons at the bottom.  Oh the things that you can do with an electrical junction box.

There is still a free T-shirt available.  Not really know why I’m bothering to mention it except I’m sick of carrying the two sizes of T-shirts in the glove box of my car.

Next up will be finishing the wiring of the feature lights and sanding fun.  (I can put finish feature lights wiring for another two or 3 months until I get around to doing it.  For some reason, I’m not very excited about it.)  I’m getting bored of doing mechanical work, so I might start working on the pinball framework again.

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