3/22/2015, Quick video update

Most of the point of this post is just to say I threw a new video up on youtube.  Some follow the OPP youtube feed, many don’t, so here’s the pointer to it.  I tried to turn the camera 90 degrees to get a better shot, but it looks atrocious on youtube when it rotates it.  I have to figure out a better way to take videos that show the backglass/LCD and the playfield.

The beginning of the video shows a short LED light show.  The camera angle really needed to be higher to see the insert lighting.  Multiple static  images are displayed on the backglass.   Both of these are controlled by using chaining.  The LEDs use an LED chain, while the images use an image or video chain.  This allows the programmer to focus on rules instead of blinking lights.  Sounds are also being played in a loop, but I don’t have the speakers hooked up yet.

Next in the video, the start button is pressed, and the first ball is served.  The skill shot insert is blinked rapidly.   (Again, nearly impossible to see in the video).  The ball is plunged, and scoring starts.  The left and right flippers rotate the inlanes to help the player complete the inlanes.

The ball eventually drains and the next two balls go similarly.  At the end of the last ball the machine resets and starts going through the attract mode again.  The last scores remain.

That pretty much proves out all the features needed to run a game.  The big pieces of work coding wise are creating the new rules.

The insert lights sometimes flicker when the solenoids fire.  This is partly due to the fact that I did part of the fix for LEDs, but didn’t have enough parts to finish it.  The rest of the parts should be coming in this week.

Double flipping still shorts out the power supply, but the parts necessary to correctly fix it should also be in that package.

A lot of updates to the repository in the last week.  Look at the commit comments if interested.

2 responses to “3/22/2015, Quick video update

  1. Love seeing the art in the backbox. Seems like the coils are way stronger than roger intended, I don’t think the ball is supposed to bounce from the playfield to the shooter lane 🙂

  2. LCD art’s been there for a while, but I haven’t really taken a video of the monitor with playfield. It took most of the weekend to get everything all together. It looks significantly better in person than the video shows which is disappointing.

    The LCD images for attract mode have been there for quite a while. I got to see them everytime that I ran the framework, but I never had a chance to show them off.

    I’m going to drop the upper voltage down to 36V (instead of 48V) and see how it plays. I’m definitely getting a lot of airballs. Right now it is fun to play in the uber overpowered mode, but it is not realistic. The machine was originally 24V, so maybe dropping everything to 24 volts will play properly, but I’m kind of digging the higher voltage to make the game play faster.

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