4/17/2015, So The Teardown Begins

New wordpress interface is giving me issues.  It keeps converting my posts into pages.  Grrr.  Stop it, I just want it to be a blog post.  I apologize if it sent out multiple emails to the one follower I have.

So I’ve played two or three “games” at this point.  A game is essentially as follows:  run the pinball framework which starts in attract mode, press the start button for as many players as you want in the game, the machine serves up the first ball, each switch scores you one point, when the ball drains either move to ball two or the second player, at the end of three balls go back to attract mode.  Truth be told that is all it does at this point.  I have verified all the switches are working, but there really aren’t any deeper rules at this point.

I have a bunch of cabinet stuff to do, so while I work on the cabinet, I can continue coding the rules.  The pinball framework has a debugger built into it where each of the switches can be simulated on the machine.  I don’t really need the physical pinball machine to program it with the simulator, so why not tear it apart.

Two weeks ago I took the cabinet apart and started working on finishing it.  I sanded everything down to bare wood on the base of the cabinet (why?  I could have just rough sanded it, and painted it black, but I didn’t realize that until too late.  Maybe sanding it down to wood will make it look better.)  Since then, I’ve got two coats finished and sanded in between.  I’m planning on at least one more coat of black, then a coat of clear before attaching the vinyl side art.  After that, probably one or two more coats of clear to protect the vinyl.

One of the riskiest things is the playfield art and insuring that it matches up perfectly with the playfield holes/inserts, etc.  This week, I decided to try and reduce risk by printing a copy of the newest playfield art, and verifying the position of each of the inserts.  I did a rough job of this before and moved some of the inserts slightly, but now I want to make sure it is absolutely perfect.  If the first order of the playfield art is exactly correct it will save a lot of time and significantly reduce the time before I can get the machine back together and start really play testing it.  I’m also going to verify every single post/hole in the playfield to make sure that the holes are easy to find when they are covered with the vinyl overlay.  The goal is to get the playfield overlay ordered by the end of this month.  Joe has essentially finished the art, it’s just waiting for me to re-verify the insert positions.

The speakers are finally mounted on the piece of plywood that I cut out so many months ago.  I have a beautiful pieced of pleather which should go with the whole western theme.  I would have like real leather, and to tool a design into it, but I don’t have time for that sort of project.  That might be one of the things that I can eventually update.

That is really all that is happening right now.  Things seem to be on track to get it finished which makes me happy.  When it goes to Pintastic, it isn’t going to be finished, but I’m hoping it will be very playable.

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  1. I only got the one email alert of a new blog posting.

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