5/6/2015, Added Pinball Framework simulation video

One of the main goals for May is to get most of the rules for the pinball machine programmed.  Tonight I finished coding entering a mode, selecting it, and programmed the first mode.  It was a good time to take a break from coding and do a short video.

I’ve discussed the pinball framework and how it can be used as a simulation environment to program the rules.  Right now, the top of the SS3 playfield is disassembled waiting for the overlay to be received.  That means that I can’t test on real hardware.

By passing a flag into the PinballFramework, it simulates all the hardware that it finds in the rules file.  That allows the software to be developed on simulated hardware while waiting for the machine to be fabricated, or like in my case, writing the rules while waiting for things to arrive in the mail.

The audio is atrocious in the video.  Way too quiet.  I should have used my headset microphone instead of laptop’s microphone because moving my head really affects the volume.  (The volume is also too quiet)

Hopefully the next video will be better.


2 responses to “5/6/2015, Added Pinball Framework simulation video

  1. Love seeing the full framework, great interface! And I like that you can simulate your machine without it being hooked up. Just getting all your channels setup before plugging it in is helpful.

  2. I talk about many things on the blog, and I never really show them. As an inherently cynical person, I don’t believe that someone has a simulation environment unless I actually see it. In the PinballFramework case, it is there, it is working, I’m programming the pinball machine using it, I’m just too lazy to figure out how to do a video. I prefer accurate documentation to a video in most cases, but for giving a quick run through of high level functionality, there is nothing better. I have a lot of stuff on the back burner that needs to be properly documented (i.e. rules file, standard functions available in the framework).

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