5/13/2015, Prepping playfield for overlay

Spent the weekend prepping the playfield for the overlay.  The overlay was delivered on Tuesday, so that meant it is time to get crack-a-lackin’ on the playfield.  Most of the prep was done last weekend (masking off the inserts), so this weekend was a couple layers of Kilz, and then a quick layer of polyurethane.  The Kilz went on very nicely, and gave me a nice white backing.  The polyurethane went on nicely, but after a couple days of curing, it has already turned slightly yellow.  What?  I’m disappointed because it would have looked best with a pure white background, but now it has a yellow tinge to it.  Maybe I should have stopped after the Kilz layer.

Here’s a quick picture of the sprayed playfield:

White Playfield (small)

I spent a half hour last night sanding everything as smooth as possible, and removing some of the polyurethane to lighten it up.  The reality is that it won’t matter much, but it definitely means that I need to use either a different polyurethane or try to spray on the polycrylic that I’ve been using.  I’m going to do a test spot using the polycrylic to see what that looks like over the overlays.  Maybe that is clearer.

Spent time trying to clean up some of the electrical.  The temporary current limit resistor worked and prevented the power supply from cutting out.  I was running at 48V which was giving me a lot of airballs, and was seriously overpowered.  I dropped the voltage to 36V (by simply removing one of the power supplies), added the current limiting resistor and bulk cap on the 36V in the backbox.  That should make the game play a little more realistically.

So I’m not as jazzed about the overlays that I got from banner buzz this time.  The overlay for the playfield was bent, and I know from doing the cabinet overlays, that a bend will be visible.  The overlay that I’m using for the backglass has the adhesive on the top so that it can be applied to the inside of the backglass.  That one shows a lot of wrinkles and doesn’t lay very flat.  I’m currently allowing them to relax in hopes that they will be a little more flat when I try to apply them.  I would rate my satisfaction as 3 stars out of 4.  The only reason that they get that high of marks is that they are very cheap.

The initial version of the rules are now implemented and in the repository.  I’ve simulated walking through all eleven modes, and they all work as expected.  The modes are supposed to each have four different difficulty levels, which are not currently implemented.  I still have a lot of little things that need to get implemented in the code, but as soon as the playfield is together, it should be ready to start actual play testing.

Programming the rules went pretty well.  I had a couple of sleepless nights, so why not spend the time programming the rules.  The goal was to get them done by the end of the month, so at least that is ahead of schedule.  I have to start figuring out how to get all the callouts done that I need.

Working on lots of crappy little details.  Speaker panel is coming along well.  Cut the coin door hole a little larger so the coin door I have will fit, etc.

This weekend the playfield overlay will be installed.  Next, I need to figure out how I want to deal with the clear coating.   It will be good to start putting the machine back together.  Less than two months to the show.


One response to “5/13/2015, Prepping playfield for overlay

  1. yellowing is very common with certain types of urethane. Curious what brand / type you used? I’m sure it will still look good, perhaps the yellow will enhance the look (make it look aged), yet modern?

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