6/21/2015, New video

Don’t have much time tonight.  I tossed up a new video.  Things are starting to come together.

Backglass lighting is finished (uses LED strips to provide a very even light.)  All of the modes have been walked through.  There are a few bugs here and there, but the functionality that I want to show is done.

Many games have been played, and the game is stable enough that I could run it easily with the glass on.  Biggest reason that I haven’t is that it is much easier to get it into modes if I can simply hit the target that I need to hit.

A couple of the rollovers aren’t adjusted quite right, but I’m slowly working on them, and fixing them up as I find them.  There are some light sockets that have issues, and when the pop bumpers hit, they shake the playfield enough that a lot of the lights blink.

Boot-up sequence is not as easy as powering on a pinball, but since I will be at Pintastic on Friday/Saturday mornings, it won’t be an issue.  I will keep working on that, but it isn’t a top priority.

Scoring is too low.  There are times in the game where you can’t easily get many points.  I think that I need to add a reset of the drop targets to allow more scoring targets.

I’m giving a seminar at Pintastic on 7/10/2015 at 3:00 pm.  It is basically on the making of the SharpeShooter 3 game.  The talk is not specifically on the OPP hardware, but I will have to describe it during the talk.  If you can’t catch the talk, I’ll be around all day Friday, Friday night, and all day Saturday, so stop me if you see me and say hi.

I can see that I will be adding rules and modes for quite a while on this game.  It is another example of never quite finishing a project, but I think that I can say that at least it is a playable machine.

After Pintastic, I need to take a vacation from pinball.  Too many hours trying to get this machine up and running so it is as good as I can get it in the < 1 year time frame.

2 responses to “6/21/2015, New video

  1. lookin good! Weird to hear my voice in a pinball game 🙂
    Don’t know if it’s the camera (LED lights often bleed out), but the backbox looks brighter than the LCD so the sky contrast on the monitor is darker. Doesn’t look terrible, but I was hoping it would blend better. Also noticed the ball drain sound isn’t activated (music keeps playing)

  2. In real life, it blends pretty well. I wasn’t happy with how the camera was showing it even though I attempted to record with lights on in the room and lights off in the room. The backbox lights mess with the camera’s light meter.

    You are also correct that I didn’t get to install the ball drain sounds. Just didn’t get around to it. Hopefully I’ll get to that in the next couple of days.

    One thing I’ve noticed lately is that I’ve layered a huge amount of rules on top of an early 80s game. The ball times are so short, that it may be nearly impossible to play through the game. I’m hoping with a lot more play and familiarity with the game, it gets a little easier. (It would also help if I was a better pinball player, but that’s not happening.)

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