8/17/2015, Why have I never stopped at Flippers in Grandy, NC

Disclaimer:  No technical content on this blog entry, so if that what you seek, just skip over this one.

My family has been visiting the Outer Banks in NC since 1968.  To get there you drive down to Norfolk, VA, and then take little two lane roads until you reach the Outer Banks.  This year, the drive down from Boston was split into two days and spent the night in Norfolk.  Getting up in the morning, we got a jump on the traffic and I got a chance to stop at Flippers.

Wow, the arcade is fantastic!  They have both old and new machines.  This is where the NC state finals are held, and it is very easy to see why.  They probably have 50 or 60 pinball machines, and all of them are in exceptional condition.  The machines play like they should play.  They haven’t clearcoated all the playfields so that all the shots are easy.  The playfields are the original playfields, and they play how they did 30 years ago.  Spectacular.

Here were some of the highlights:

  • Humpty Dumpty machine that you can play for a nickel.  First flipper machine ever, and it just has to be given a try.  It almost seems like a nudge machine instead of a flipper machine.  It is very difficult to move the ball up the playfield and a flipper can only move it up one level.
  • Big Bang Bar.  Set at 50 cents per play.  Actually all the machines that I played were 50 cents a play.  I now understand why people call it a single shot game, but it was really fun to play it.  The callouts are not for the kids.
  • Cactus Canyon revisited.  Very fun game.  Seemed to have lots of different shots and a good amount of depth.
  • Monster Bash.  First Monster Bash that I have played that didn’t have major issues.  Tons of fun to shoot Frankenstein and electrify him.
  • Medievel Madness.  Always a fun play.
  • Tons of new Stern machines including Kiss, Walking Dead, Star Trek, etc.  By why play those, when you have so many classic titles to choose?  (Well one reason might be because they are only 50 cents a play)

I’m hoping to break away from the family and do one more trip up there to play for a couple more hours.

If you are going to the Outer Banks in NC, you will be driving past Flippers, and you should really stop.  Stop for a couple of minutes to play some really rare machines, or spend more time, and really get a chance to experience the best arcade that I’ve ever seen.

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