4/9/2016 – Incandescent Board Testing Complete

Got a little time this week and finished testing the surface mount incandescent board.  I had previously tested the board being populated as a low side switch, but had to go back and test the board as a high side switch.  That involved building another test fixtures, with each of the LED bases tied to ground, and the incandescent board turning on and off the power supply.  It went well and everything worked the first time.

The one nice part of performing this test is that I really needed to think about how the 12V to turn on and off the MOSFET was going to get to each of the cards.  All of the cards have a 12V rail where a wire can be attached to send this voltage to the other wing boards.  That’s nice, but how is the 12V going to get to the first card.  I had an extra pin left over on the ribbon cable between cards, so it makes a lot of sense to use that to carry 12V between all of the different cards.  The only issue left is how does the 12V get attached to the first card.  I added a simple 2 pin 100 mil header so the 12V can be sent to the first card in the chain, then all the other cards get the 12V over the ribbon cable.  Very nice and very clean implementation.

I also found out after hooking multiple cards together that it was difficult to send the data to the first card in the chain.  Three pins of the 4 pin header were used, then the last pin needed to be moved to one of the ribbon cable connections.  Do-able, but very hokey.  I ended up adding a 3 pin header so it is easy to switch between using the 4 pin header, and the ribbon cable connectors.

All the cards needed to be panellized.  I spent a couple of hours over the last few days doing the panellization and running everything through freeDFM which should insure everything will go smoothly when ordering from IteadStudio.  After doing a little math on Friday, I found out that I could actually fit 12 cards in a panel for the interface cards.  Fantastic!   That means that it makes 120 cards per order.  Very efficient.  On Friday night I ordered the three different cards which included solenoid cards, incandescent cards, and interface boards.  I ended up paying for the faster delivery.  (The Kickstarter people deserve it.)

Things are moving quickly.  Gotta finish building the Sultan’s cards, and then it is mostly a waiting game until I get the cards.

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