4/23/2016 – Received boards

I received the boards on Thursday.  So the boards were ordered on April 8th, and they were received on April 21st, so that is about a 13 calendar day turn if you pay for the more expensive DHL shipping.  That is quite amazing to me.  (The shipping was about $30 as compared to the slower shipping which would be about $20).  I like to give order to receiving times so other people ordering from Iteadstudio can figure out what is the best option for them.

I built up a three of the solenoid boards, tested them, and they worked spectacularly.  Next I built up a couple of the interface boards.  I immediately found out that I messed up the panellization a little bit, and because of the error, I only got 60 good boards instead of the 120 boards I was expecting.  I fixed the issue in the repository, so now the Gerbers for the panellized 1016 board are correct.  Water under the bridge.

I ended up purchasing a stencil for populating the incandescent surface mount board.  I originally was using ohararp.com for my stencils, but they require a you to purchase an 8.5 x 11 inch sheet which is $25 plus shipping.  Since the boards are so small, I started searching around for other options.  I found oshstencils.com which sells stencils on a per square inch basis.  I needed three stencils (top low side switch, top high side switch, and bottom high side switch).  I ended getting all three of these plus a holder for the PCB boards for about $16.  Very good price.  I should be receiving them by the end of this week, and I’ll report on how it works out.

Just added a new benefit to the Kickstarter campaign.  Anybody that pledges at the DIY or Big Spender level will get future orders of boards for 75 cents a board plus $5 shipping.  At that price, the project will still be self sustaining.  I feel that it is the right thing to do reward the original supporters.   I don’t really know how useful that is to people because how many machine is a single person really going to build.  It’s been three years, and I’m still working on the same machine.

I’m building the new boards to replace all the SS3 Gen 1 boards with Gen 2 boards.  I’m not sure if I will have time, but I may take SS3 back to Pintastic this year running on MPF.  It would be a significant amount of work and would involve doing some rewiring, a complete rewriting of the rules, and a lot more testing.  The benefit would be more extensive real world testing, fixing the incandescent bulb interface to not be bit banged on the parallel port, and better testing of the MPF interface.

Did a significant amount of work on the Populating boards document.  It’s getting much closer to being completed, but still needs more info on general wiring playfields.

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