7/4/2016 – Come to the Pintastic panel

Pintastic is 7/7/2016 to 7/9/2016.  If possible support your local pinball shows so that they keep happening.  As an added bonus on Friday (7/8/2016) there is a homebrew pinball panel.  I will hand out a set of OPP cards (up to 20 wing boards) to the best deemed design.  (Michael Ocean is the judge and gets to pick who he thinks has the best design.)  More than likely, nobody else will be there who wants the cards, so if you are interested, just show up, and you will probably get a set of cards.  The panel is on Friday at 4:00 pm.

I’m currently working on a new version of the firmware.  This took precedence over other things that I was expecting to be doing because somebody ask for a new feature.  Basically he needed a kickback for an outlane like F14 has.  The switch for the outlane is a bit above the kickback spot, so he needs to delay kicking the solenoid for the appropriate amount of time.  That was a big enough feature request that I decided to take the time to get that done.

As part of the update, I’m planning on writing regression tests to test all the different features of the firmware.  Right now, I basically run all of the commands by hand, it takes quite a while, and I may miss some of the commands.  By automating it, I won’t have any possibilities of missing commands and it should be much more robust.  The regression tests will be in the repository when they are finished.

A couple more people are now starting to run the cards, and they send me questions as necessary.  Feel free to toss me a note.  I’m working on a lot of different things, and usually answer people’s questions rather quickly.  If there are things in the documentation that aren’t clear, make sure you ask in lieu of accidentally destroying your cards.  A couple people have asked me to add different sections to the document, and I’m trying to keep up with the requests.  (As a note, the populate board document has been updated recently with a lot more information.  Make sure to grab a new version at:  populateBrd.pdf in the repository.)

That’s about all.  See you on Friday (7/8/2016) at 4:00 pm if you get a chance.

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