1/29/2017 – Well, Goodbye Dolly!

Many times I write lines like above, and wonder what people who don’t speak English as their native language think about them.  I would say, 60 or 70% of readers are native English speakers.  That means that 30-40% of the people reading the site are probably going through some sort of translation service to read what I’m writing.  The title of this blog post is referring to a Broadway musical called “Hello, Dolly!”  Truth be told, I’ve never seen “Hello, Dolly”, so it probably doesn’t matter and it really has no bearing on pinball, or what I’m going to talk about in this post.  But there it is, so now everyone knows.

I remembered to take before pictures today.  (Usually I simply wish that I had taken before pictures, and then realize that I haven’t taken any.  Luckily, today I remembered).  This will be the last time it looks like a Dolly Parton machine.  I respect Dolly as a person, but really, I dislike her music immensely.  She does a lot of things with helping under privileged kids, such as  sending free books once a month when they are young.  She also donated a lot of money for disaster relief when the fires hit Pigeon Forge, Tennessee.  Before starting this, I spent an hour trying to find five or six songs that I liked, but I couldn’t find anything.  That means it is time for a retheme.

Let the pictures begin:

Little bit of damage on the cabinet, here and there.  The playfield is down to the bare wood.  I do love the Susan B Anthony dollar coin symbol, so that is staying.

Here are pictures of the backglass and the damage to it.  Lots of flaking especially around the dress area.


Old boards in Backbox

Here are all the old boards.  There is a lot of acid damage on the MPU board.  All four of these boards will be replaced with OPP boards and the Bally interface board.  There is probably going to be a Raspberry Pi to power it all.

So I started the tear down of the Dolly Parton machine this weekend.  I have a new thing that I hate to do in pinball.  It is trying to remove side rails.  What a pain in the butt.  There is simply no good, nor easy way to do it.  The new theme requires me to repaint the whole cabinet.  That means stripping the cabinet down completely.

Removing side rails requires using diagonal cutters to rotate the threaded nails that hold on the side rails, and slowly back them out.  The edge of the nail head is nearly flush with the cabinet, so every single nail takes a long time.  You are also trying to be very careful to not scratch the stainless steel rails because I’m going to reuse them in the final machine.  Because the nails are so flush with the cabinet, it is very difficult.  The diagonal cutters work well because they have tips that allow you to get on the edges, and grip the side of the nail heads.  The whole process takes me anywhere from five minutes to remove a nail, to a half hour if things go poorly.  Lot’s of time.

Right now one side rail is off, the cabinet door has been removed, and there are only six more nails in the other side rail.  The cabinet is in better shape than the Sharpe Shooter cabinet, and I won’t need to modify it to get parts from other manufacturers to work in it.  All of that points to some easier aspects in the retheme.

The retheme is a little incognito but if you search around on the web, Joe posted it somewhere that I won’t mention.  Joe Zenkus is doing the art work for this retheme because he is the busiest guy in pinball.  That’s all I have for today.  Thanks, as always Joe!

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