3/11/2017 – Working on backbox modifications

A good amount of time has been spent on the backbox modifications.  All old Bally cards have been removed and will be replaced with brand spanking new OPP boards and probably a Raspberry Pi to drive the rules.  Here are some of those cool mosaics showing all the pictures in a funky rectangle.

The biggest picture is the original look of the backbox.  The second picture is all the cards removed, and the extra pins from the transformer that aren’t needed removed.  The last picture shows the replacements vs the original card equivalents.  The replacement cards are mounted on a piece of plywood to make it easier to move around.  The biggest card is the interface board that I made to convert the Bally wiring harness to directly interface to the OPP boards, so I don’t have to modify any of the wiring of the machine itself.

Here are some comparison pictures to show the size difference between the old cards and the new cards.

First picture shows the MPU card vs a Raspberry Pi.  It is a really old Pi that actually powered my Halloween costume.  Time to put that to some real use.  Next picture is the Bally lamp driver board vs the five OPP incandescent wings.  The sound boards only supported a single speaker, while the new one is full stereo at a higher rate.  (The newest one sits off the USB bus on the Pi.  The analog output from the Pi shouldn’t be used because of its really low quality sound).  The last picture shows the Bally driver board vs the five solenoid wing cards.  The reality is Dolly only used 12 solenoids, so I’m only going to use three solenoid wings in the retheme.

Now I’m prepping the backbox for painting.  All of the art has been removed from the backglass.  The light board has also been removed from the backbox.  I’m going to do string LEDs to illuminate the back of what will essentially be a translite.  Did a little sanding on the backbox to prepare it for the first coat of enamel.  (Still way too cold outside to paint, and there is supposed to be 12 or 14 inches of snow on Tuesday, so it is going to be a while).

I still need to solder a couple more wires into the interface board for the two different switch matrices.  (There is one switch matrix for the playfield and one switch matrix for the cabinet).  All in all, a good amount of progress over the last week.

4 responses to “3/11/2017 – Working on backbox modifications

  1. Looks like great progress. Looking forward to seeing your 7segment scoring display connections and rules and integration to pi.

    • The 7 segment score display is going to be done using a single monitor with the backglass in front of it. I’m not going to bother using real 7 segment displays. It will be very similar to how SharpeShooter 3 is done, except that the backglass will cover up more of the monitor. Actually, the person who is really determining that is Joe. I’m letting him do all of the art, backbox design, etc.

  2. Will joe be using mpf with media console or some of his own code for backglass?

    Also I wasn’t aware mpf supported switch matrix yet.

    Lastly, why is the sound dongle present. Why not just use sound native from pi output or pi hdmi output ?

    • I’m doing the coding and I’m going to use the OPP framework mostly because I am more comfortable with it. (Basically it is straight coding for rules as opposed to script files). I’m starting to get worried about the amount of time that I have left before Pintastic.

      For the switch matrix and MPF, it will simply look like 64 inputs, so MPF doesn’t even know that it is a switch matrix under the covers.

      The native sound of the Pi is really poor. I’m not sure if the pi’s HDMI supports sound. The $3 dongle is far superior. When I did the Halloween costume, I started with the native pi sound output and was disappointed because there was a lot of frequency interference and noise. After switching to the USB dongle, the output was a lot better.

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