04/08/2017 – Pictures of the Teardown

After taking a whole bunch of pictures during the tear down, I suddenly realized I should probably show the pictures.  Dolly is a street level game, so it is simpler than many of the newer games that have multiple levels.

Here are all 31 pictures that I took.  I tend to take a single picture that shows the whole setup so I can refer back to it.  At that point, I remove plastics, then take a picture of each of the different areas of the playfield.  Finally, I take detail photos of anywhere that I think that I might get confused when reassembling.

As I take things apart, I put each section in a separate bag or bin so that I don’t have a huge bucket of parts that I need to know where they go.  Each bin or bag is marked with a location, so I can remember where everything goes.  It’s just that simple.

Here’s the photos:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Got the initial implementation of the switch matrix reader completed, but must be tested.  More on that tomorrow if I get some time.  Also, I’ll add some info on the cabinet work that I’ve been doing.  (The last photo in the slideshow shows the cabinet).

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