4/19/2017 – More cabinet work

So the first layer of black paint was down and looked as good as it was going to get.  Next layer is going to be white.  Took a good amount of time to mask of the pattern that I needed, and snap a few pictures.  Doesn’t look like much yet, but I think it is going to look really nice after another two coats of white.  I was amazed at how shiny and reflective the black looked without spraying.  You can definitely see the bumpiness from the roller, but with adding some mineral spirits into the white, I think that it is going to lay even flatter.  (I think that I’m going to need about four coats of the white enamel to get the look that I need.)

This might be the first time that people can really guess what the retheme is going to be.  (Maybe because of the masking tape used to block off the black.)  Here are the pictures:

Please ignore the messy garage.  I really like that I’m keeping all of the fumes out of the house.

In other updates, Jeremy updated the Pinball Makers website with more information on the Power Interface board.   (That is the board that can be connected to an inexpensive 48V power supply from Ebay, and provides more bulk capacitance to fire pinball coils).  He did another great job writing up how to populate the board.  Thanks, as always, Jeremy!  Here is a Pinball Makers link to the write up.

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