4/23/2017- Firing on all cylinders

The goal is to get the cabinet done by the end of next week, or beginning of the following.  To that point, I need to add one more coat to the cabinet.  A nice cherry red to emulate the theme.  This weekend on Saturday finished up the last coats of white, added more tape for the stripes, and on Sunday night laid down a coat of red.  Looks like it is going to need another three or four coats, but at that time, the cabinet painting should be done.  If everything goes well, I will finish the painting this week and reassemble next weekend.  Here’s the pictures so far:

Next up was some work on the playfield.  I gotta de-Dolly the machine and get ready for the retheme.  I decided to sand it down to bare wood.  I also reseated any inserts that were needed.  So I went from a Dolly-wood to a white wood.  (Yeah, it’s a bad joke but the best that I could come up with.)  Next step is to mask off all the inserts, plug all the holes, and lay down a coat of white primer to get ready for the vinyl banner for the art.

Look, it even shows that I used ear protection.  (Note:  Those are just stage props because I got tired of taking them on and off).  I ended up using an orbital sander and 120 grit sand paper to remove the paint, then 180 grit sand paper to sand it smoother, and ended with 600 grit sand paper.  I would have like to use 220 grit, but I didn’t have it available for the orbital sander.  I’m not that worried about it since I am going to spray paint a white coat of Kilz on it, and I will sand that flat using 600 grit sand paper.

Last but not least this weekend, I started moving the stuff over to the Raspberry Pi.  This involved setting up a small spot I could work upstairs in the house with the monitor.  I used the standard installation of Jessie.  That already has python 2.7.x, pygame, and pyserial installed by default.  Nice!  Next I needed the USB to serial port to be recognized correctly (the default distribution thinks it is a Cypress Thermometer.  I modified /etc/modprobe.d/raspi-blacklist.conf to include the line “blacklist cytherm”.  By adding that line, the driver was correction recognized as a USB-serial driver, and /dev/ttyACM0 showed up.  Here is a picture and if you zoom in, you might be able to see that the Gen2Test program correctly prints out the configuration of the wing cards.

Pi Development Setup

Pi sitting upstairs

That’s all for the weekend.  Somebody mentioned on the Pintastic thread that it is 75 days until Pintastic.  This is definitely going to be a race to the finish, but things are going well right now.



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