5/2/2017 – Theme is revealed

Well the cabinet painting is done, so now let’s see if you can guess what the theme is going to be.  Here are some pictures of the cabinet.  (This is before I did a little bit of touch-up to where the paint infiltrated below the tape.)  In person, the cabinet is really shiny which is exactly the look that I hoped to achieve.  As stated in the last blog entry, I really like painting with Rustoleum enamel paints.  They really laid nice and flat even though I was painting on a vertical surface.

What is the one thing that we don’t have enough of in pinball?  Yeah, that’s right…late 80s rock bands.  It is Joe’s dream theme, so he is really taking the lead on this project and its direction.   Do you have a guess now?

Well here are some reduced size images of the artwork.  (I reduced the images because the full sized images get to be really large and my computer gets a little unhappy with trying to display them.  GIMP ends up working best for working on the images).  For the original images sent to Banner Buzz, the art is 300 dpi x 300 dpi.

I think that my favorite part of the images is the halftone that Joe did on the playfield.  It looks really great with the full sized image and how it transitions between the different colors.  He also did a great job making the people in the band on the playfield look like cartoon characters.  Top notch!  The Banner Buzz order went out on Monday night (5/1/2017) and I should receive the vinyl overlays by 5/9/2017.

The backglass and plastics vinyl stickers are on white vinyl with the adhesive so that it can be placed on the inside of a window.  The playfield is on clear vinyl with the adhesive so that it can be placed on a flat surface.  All said and done, all the artwork cost about $65 including shipping.  Quite a good price.

So with artwork ordered that means that I need to get the playfield prepped for the vinyl overlay.  Tonight, I masked off all the inserts using tape and cut around them with an exacto knife.  I will use a spray can of Kilz to lay down a layer of white paint where I don’t want the wood to show through.  This will make the vinyl playfield overlay pop as much as possible.

I still need to use some cotton and a little more tape to protect holes and the incandescent bulb sockets from getting paint in them.

In a last bit of news, on Sunday, 4/30/2017, the Pinball Wizard Arcade closed.  I was there for the last night, and met many great friends for one last night of pinball.  I wish Sarah St. John all the best.  Running an arcade with 200 pinball machines is a huge undertaking.  She was there six or seven days a week for the last six years.  I hope she made enough to retire.  While I sometimes complained about the price of the games, it was great to have a location with that many good machines in that good of shape just up the road.  It will be missed by all the pinball players in New England.  We will never again be able to have a New England Pinball League (NEPL) with 170 people battling it out to see who is the best in a single day.  Now finals will only be for 32 people.  It just isn’t the same.  Best of luck, Sarah!

5 responses to “5/2/2017 – Theme is revealed

  1. Thought that pattern looked familiar, just couldn’t place it. While I like Sammy as Sammy Hagar, never really did care for the Van Hagar years, so somewhat disappointed to see the mix. old school early Van Halen with Diamond Dave for me.

    Looks nice. I also look forward to seeing how your playfield decals work out.

  2. This is the second time that I’ve used decals on a playfield. (First being SharpeShooter 3). After applying the decal, I use auto clear to prevent wear. It has worked out really well on the previous project.

  3. Doh! I forgot to mention, when you walk up to the machine after pressing the start button, you will choose your front man. In that way, the music will be tailored to which lead singer you want to hear.

  4. You got Cherone on there too? As long as the default is DLR 🙂 Nice feature.

    I guess my worry with a full decal is adhesion, even coated with auto clear isn’t it reliant on the decal to stick to the playfield?

  5. Yes, it is. The playfield is primed with white spray Kilz, and I sand it with 600 grit sand paper to get it as flat as possible. I have not had any issues with it staying stuck to the playfield, but well, my tests aren’t 100% real world. It is in my basement where the temperature cycles (probably more than in a better location), but it is very slow swings. I’m guessing 45 degrees is the low in winter and 70 degrees is the high in summer. I don’t get any of those 20 degree swings each day which might really stress it.

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