5/19/2017 – Playfield Repopulated

I found another picture of the playfield being wet sanded.  Wet sanding works incredibly well, and keeps the sand paper from getting clogged.  I can’t remember if I mentioned it before, but I used 600 grit, then 1200 grit and finally 2000 grit.  I then rubbed out the playfield using Novus #2.  I finally used Novus #1 because, well, I have it around and why not use it.  Most of the playfield is really, really smooth.  There are some small areas where I should sanded it down a little more, but, I unfortunately didn’t notice it until I was done with the sanding and had started to move onto the next step.

Wet Sanding

Spent the last couple of days repopulating the playfield and putting everything back together.  It went well.  The many pictures were useful, and I could normally even find which exact screw went where.  Using plastic bags to separate the playfields into different areas also made things really easy, because I was never looking at a large pile of parts wondering where all of the went.  Here is the money picture with the playfield back in the machine.

Playfield Repopulated

As you probably notice immediately, I forgot to paint the apron.  Not sure if I’m going to paint it or not…my wife says it doesn’t look bad the way it is.  The blue does actually match nicely, but the pink is pretty awful.

The plastics aren’t done yet, but I have ordered a sheet of PETG from McMaster-Carr.  They ended up being the cheapest, and after calling and asking how much shipping would be, it was the hands down winner.  Mark used to order stuff from them every couple of days for work, but I always feared ordering from anybody that will send you a steel I-beam if you need it.

Just a couple of minutes ago, I measured the voltages coming off the transformer.  (Remember, this machine has not been powered for six years, and before that, I only played two games before deciding the MPU board was too acid damaged to revive.  I really don’t have a lot of experience on the machine proving that coils are shorted or any other issues.)  I did correct a lot of issues on the machine from the previous operator.  All broken parts have been replaced, and anything that was jerry rigged has been fixed properly.  All the generated voltages are correct.

I did pull fuse #2 on the rectifier card next to the transformer.  That is the fuse that generates the 240 VDC for driving the displays.  I want nothing to do with that type of voltage, and since everything is going to be done with a monitor, there is no reason for it.

Now I just have to get past my worry about turning the power onto the playfield for the first time.  How many checks do I need to complete before I feel comfortable enough to flip the switch?

4 responses to “5/19/2017 – Playfield Repopulated

  1. Looking good, I vote for painting the apron.

    Power it up, whats the worst that could happen? 🙂

  2. I don’t remember putting it up for a vote. One more thing I can put off to the end if I have time. While the base machine is back together, the monitor isn’t mounted in the backbox, I don’t have a power supply set up for the amp, the raspberry Pi isn’t mounted etc. Still a good amount of work to go. Oh yeah, there aren’t any rules programmed yet. That’s getting towards top of the list of priorities.

  3. LOL, no you didn’t, but i voted anyway 🙂

    You are using your own coding for your’s right, not MPF? I’m the opposite, my game is fully functioning in MPF but waiting on me to finish soldering the OPP boards together and wire stuff up. Thanks for designing/making those btw.

  4. You’re welcome. It was in hopes that someone else could use them, so I hope they serve you well. Yeah, mine uses the OPP framework because I haven’t taken the time to learn the MPF stuff yet. I have to get back to that at some point.

    The VH machine uses a whole bunch of stuff that needs to be added to the MPF interface. That includes support for switch matrices, and kicking solenoids using a switch matrix. I have the firmware written, but it is not working yet. Just one more thing to put on the list of things to do.

    At the end, I will need to add that support into the MPF hardware interface. That will be after pintastic.

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