2017-06-09, Video of Rules in OPP Simulator

Threw up a quick video on Youtube of the rules running in the OPP simulator.  What a pain in the rump to get this video up.  CamStudio completely failed me, and I eventually gave up after 6 tries, and recorded it using Microsoft Expression Encoder which allows you to record up to 10 minutes for free.  Bah!  Such a simple thing to want to record something off your computer, but it was all bad.

Rules are basically good enough right now.  It took me about two days of coding spread over four days to get where we are.  Things went well, and I’m pretty happy with how the code worked out.  I have a couple of small things that I want to do, but now the biggest things are to get back to working on the machine itself.  Got a whole bunch of mechanical things to do such as get some plastics, etc.  Hopefully I’ll have some time this weekend since last weekend was busy.

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