7/4/2017 – Ready for Pintastic 2017

We are ready for Pintastic.  All the machines have been moved to the garage so I can put them in the car on Thursday night and drive them to Sturbridge, MA Friday morning.  I gotta tell you, I’m sick of building pinball at this point.  I need a vacation.

I just figured out last night, that not only did Joe and I retheme a whole machine including rules, electronics, and art from middle of January to now, but I also rewired SS3 from Gen1 OPP boards, to Gen2 boards, and updated the Pinball Framework to support the newer cards.  That is one heck of a lot of pinball for one year, and I am tired.

I will see whoever is going to Pintastic this weekend.  I’m giving a general seminar on pinball electronics on Friday at 3:00 pm.  There will be a good amount of free stuff given away.  Come one, come all.   I’ll be around all weekend so stop me if you are interested in seeing how the machines work.

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4 responses to “7/4/2017 – Ready for Pintastic 2017

  1. Thanks for uploading your presentation to sourceforge. At least I get the gist of want you will be presenting. Looks good and like the idea of generation 3 pinball architecture. Have fun at the show.

    • That is a very early version. I’ll hopefully be updating it tonight to add more pictures and such. Right now it is dry like the Sahara. Maybe I will have enough time at the end to present a little bit about the creating of the Van Halen machine.

      You win for savviest person to find OPP stuff. I toss stuff up there just to make sure I don’t lose stuff if a computer crashes. Be a little wary of using firmware before it goes to svn/Creator/Gen2Images. I sometimes update the source files, get scared I might lose everything, and toss up files without testing. The svn/Create/Gen2Images will always be at least “engineering” release tested.

  2. How did the show go and how did you make out with your presentation?

    • I’ll try and write up stuff tonight as a blog entry. Here is the quick recap. Show went pretty well. After getting the machines working both ran until I tore them down on Saturday at about 4 pm. I was tired and needed to go home. Every once in a while SharpeShooter lost USB communications, so my quick fix I did on Wednesday wasn’t sufficient. It was easiest to simply reset the machine to fix it since it only happened every few hours. Talk went well, but I had too much material. Didn’t through all the slides. I will never try to bring multiple machines again. Too much of a hassle.

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