Monthly Archives: August 2012

Just another version of the visual pinball layout

Not really much to report this week.  The Olympics have allowed me to sit on the couch and add more features to the visual pinball table.  It’s kind of cathartic to do the coding while watching them.  (There are also tons of commercials so you really don’t have to pay that much attention.)

I set up the Google code repository, and now I can make updates to the table and you will always get the latest version.  (How sweet!)  I plan to make updates about once a week for a couple of weeks.  Since visual basic is relatively easy to understand (where are my Enums?), I will toss a new version of the board up each time a new feature gets completed.

This week was Volcano mode being finished, and adding a score, and ball counter.  I put all the infrastructure in for a lot of other modes and did a bunch of research on how to do stuff like the tsunami affect.  (I even have an idea for the earthquake affect.)  I roll with this until the end of the Olympics.  (I should have had the laptop set up during the Tour de France and I would have been that much further along.

The new link to the file is Disaster.vpt.