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10/16/2015, Interface document updated

Been porking the pooch lately on pinball.  Don’t really have much to show for my efforts, but alas, there is a new version of the interface document for the Gen 2 hardware.  Since I believe in interface based design, writing up the interface specification is the first major step to actually talking to the boards and supporting them.  With this awesome document, somebody could write an interface to the Mission Pinball Framework (MPF).

Here is a quick link to the document:

The Gen 2 boards add a CRC8 to most command/responses to watch for serial interface errors.  Neopixel command and support have been added.  Most of the original commands are unchanged except for adding the CRC8 at the end of the command/response.  New commands have also been added to write the wing board configuration.

If browsing the code in the source forge repository, the trunk/Docs folder has all of the documentation.  A couple people have mentioned that they hadn’t seen the documentation.  Part of this stems from the fact that it was moved from a Google repository to a source forge repository, and there is now and empty folder called Docs at the head of the repository.

If I don’t publish this now, I will run into the fact that I’ll just have to add it to the next entry.  Sorry for the lack of content.