Google Code is disappearing, and it is time to make the final move.  Google announced that on 8/20/2015 they would not accept any more changes to repositories.  That being said, the official repository has been moved to Source Forge.  I look forward to the first person downloading the code who I don’t personally know.  (Strangely at this point, I know people have downloaded the repository, but the download count is still 0.  I just don’t think that source forge statistics are working properly.  Oh well.)

The main website for the repository:

The wiki is getting pretty old, but may still have some good stuff and links directly to some documents:

You can browse the code by using the code tab, and everything is under trunk.  All the code can be grabbed using your favorite SVN client (I use TortoiseSVN).  Here are the steps to grab the code:

  1. Install the SVN client
  2. Create a folder that will contain the OPP code (I named mine OpenPinballProj on my desktop).
  3. Right click the new folder and choose SVN Checkout
  4. Set URL of repository to ““.  That will download all the embedded code, all the PCBs, the Pinball Framework, etc.

There is a tickets link which lists all the open issues.  Most of the tickets are closed at this point.  The only major ticket outstanding is supporting unsolicited messages.  That will require updates to both the firmware and MPF framework, so that is taking longer.  I need to download the latest version and understand Python 3.  Here is the link to the open issues:

The most interesting document for building your boards is located at populateBoard.pdf.

There is some older information on rewiring a playfield for Gen1 boards. While the Gen1 information isn’t relevant anymore, the general rewiring a playfield information is applicable.  PlayfieldRewire.pdf.


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