6/27/2017 – Pictures of Van Halen

Truth be told, it is time for me to go to bed, and I don’t feel like writing anything.  I’m getting pretty darn sick of working on this machine, but it is nearing completion.  About two weeks left, until Pintastic.

Shameless plug, come see my seminar at 3:00 pm on 7/7/2017 at Pintastic in Sturbridge, MA.  I’ll be there all weekend, so stop me and ask me any questions you want.  A good number of people there know who I am, so I should be pretty easy to find.  Stop by the Lermods booth at Pintastic, and they will set up free shipping of OPP cards from Mezel Mods.

End shameless plug…Here are the pictures I took tonight.

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2 responses to “6/27/2017 – Pictures of Van Halen

  1. I love when a pinball comes together #a-team

  2. That’s a good point. Why hasn’t anyone made an A-Team pinball machine yet? “I pity the fool that can’t make his own themed pinball machine!”

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